Garden Design

A garden should enrich your life and be a place to laugh, contemplate and reflect. Spirit Level is a Sydney design company who creates gardens that are sensitive to their surrounding environment, the architecture they offset, and the people who use them.

From harsh coastal environments, to lush spacious settings, we find the best and most appropriate ways to create thriving spaces that get better year after year. With our deep appreciation of natural beauty, and understanding of finding the perfect within imperfection, our garden designs convey rich creativity, and gentle traces of loveliness that continue to surprise and delight – just as a garden should.

How we work

After we have visited your site and discussed your ideas, we will give you an initial fee proposal to design your garden. Once you agree, we will kick-start the creative process and test some concepts, usually visit your site again to get a deeper understanding of the setting, and then provide you with the design (also known as the landscape plan). We also regularly work and liaise with architects and other creative teams.

Next steps

Once the design has been finessed and you’re ready to proceed, we’ll provide you with a quote to install your garden. This helps us realise the design’s full potential. We also offer an ongoing maintenance service to keep your garden looking beautiful as it matures and settles in.

More information

Please call us on (02) 8399-0660 to arrange a site inspection (no fee).