Hugh Main, Director

Hugh’s connection to nature, and deep understanding of how to create gardens that thrive in diverse conditions, was established very early on. Born on a working farm in the gorgeous undulating hills near Glen Inness in north-west NSW, he was a regular helper in his parents’ carefully-nurtured garden that is bordered by bleached paddocks and ghost gums. It was here he was able to observe and study which plants survived and flourished – and which didn’t. His sensitivity to place was enhanced by being able to witness the natural landscape’s many changing faces from his bedroom window.

After co-founding Spirit Level over a decade ago, Hugh has grown his vision to create, build and care for stunning gardens that are in touch with their natural settings and designed to flourish with every extra year. He leads a talented, hand-picked team who share his love and appreciation of the integrity and beauty of natural objects and processes. When he is not transforming other people’s gardens he can be found taming the bush around his own farmhouse – his current work in progress.