The right materials and excellent workmanship lay the perfect bone-structure for a garden to grow and mature gracefully. After we have finalised your garden design, our highly experienced in-house construction team will build your garden exactly as we envisaged it, within the set time-frames.

With a wide-range of skills – from carpentry to stone-masonry and everything in between – our hand-picked team are well known for their attention to detail and passion for creating something truly special. They work creatively with materials, and have an ability to interpret the brief so that the end-result anchors your garden into its natural setting, almost as if it was born there.

How we work

Once your design has been finalised, we will provide you with an installation quote and contract outlining exactly what will be achieved. Any unexpected changes or additions will be openly and transparently discussed with you.

During construction of a garden, ideas are inevitably refined as part of the creative process and we encourage our clients to either be involved either as much – or as little – as you like. Our workers are polite and respectful and conscious of minimising disruptions, particularly if you are living onsite.

Next steps

Once your garden is installed, we offer an ongoing maintenance service that will keep your garden looking beautiful as it matures and settles in.

More information

Please call us on (02) 8399-0660 to arrange a site inspection (no fee).